Hi, I'm Shannon DeFerrari a Pittsburgh based freelance photographer with seven years experience. Photography, to me, is so much more than taking a good photograph. It's turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. My photos embody the same universal feelings that run through each of us in our best (or even worst) moments- love, happiness, pride, success, grief, confidence, and new beginnings.

My finished product captures the magic and beauty of authenticity.

I strive to make my photographic experience one of inclusion, understanding and enjoyment.

I want to get to know my clients and their needs, and provide them with a comforting and safe space to freely be themselves, so that I can capture it. Whether that be a tired or grumpy child, a less than enthusiastic partner, someone who is camera shy or has unique needs that may often not get individualized attention in other forums; I am equipped and grateful for the opportunity to bring out the very best in each and every client, while surprisingly delivering an entertaining experience.  These moments of genuine expression bring so much light and love to my photographs that you get to enjoy for a lifetime.




My Information

·   I shoot natural light sessions in the parks surrounding area in Pittsburgh.

·   I offer flexible scheduling but shoots are best the last hour &1/2  of sunlight. (summer this is at  6;45pm, winter 3.30pm)  when lighting is at its finest.     Let me know if you and your child prefer an earlier time!

I will have all pictures ready for viewing in five weeks or less after shoot date.
A typical session usually runs an hour. 



Children,School Pictures, Families, Newborns, Engagements, Pregnancy,

Seniors Photos, Head Shots, Commercial, Corporate & Parties 


I offer photography bundles using a tiered approach. Something for everyone.


I recommend https://www.nationsphotolab.com/allprints.aspx

They are simple to use, have a quick turnaround and come out lovely.

 Also they have Wallet boxes and Senior memory mates for print. 




                                                         Portrait pricing

                                  (Weekly or monthly payments are available if needed)

  Best for Senior Pictures  #1.   $375  .7%  tax- includes printing rights to all photos shown during proofs, high resolution edited photos, delivered to your email inbox.via dropbox, and   

 a Free 6X8 or 8x8 Hard cover professional photo book   Great for Display at a graduation party!!


(your book can be upgraded to a larger size or get more for the family for an additional price)

Square 10x10, 12x12

Landscape 6x8, 8x11, 11x14,

Portrait 8x6, 11x8, 14x11


 Most popular  #2.   $285 + .7%  tax- includes printing rights to 28 high resolution edited photos, delivered to your email inbox.via dropbox  and Free a 6x6 soft cover professional photo book


(your book can be upgraded to a hard cover for $7 or a larger size for an additional price)

Square 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

Landscape 6x8, 8x11, 11x14,

Portrait 8x6, 11x8, 14x11


            #3. $225 .7% tax includes printing rights to 16 high resolution edited photos, delivered to your email inbox via dropbox 



 #4 $150 + .7% tax Mini- includes printing rights to 6 high resolution edited photos, delivered to your email inbox via dropbox 




           $125 + 7% tax mini Headshot 3 looks  - includes printing rights to 3 high resolution edited photos, delivered to your email inbox via dropbox 

additional photos can be purchased for $16 each. 

           $35 for each child 7 % tax - 2 basic School digital images and one with all the child together. 


Parties, Events & Commercial
        * Hourly rate $100 a hour/$400 for 3   Example a 6 hour event will cost $800 total for the day and all edited photos. 



$500 for 3 hours 

$900  for 6 hours 

$1300 four 9 hours 

$150 for extra hours in between 


Extra $150 for photo book

 $100 for extra copies.


Photo books are my specialty and are worth every penny.  Please ask to see examples 


Book Prices


 6x6     $40                      Free with Gold package   hard cover $6 upgrade 

                                         Upgrades with the gold package 


8x8.     $55                       $10 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

10x10,  $70                       $20 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

12x12.  $85                      $30 + hard cover $6 upgrade 



 6x8,    $50                       $10 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

8x11,    $70                       $20 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

11x14,   $95                       $30 + hard cover $6 upgrade 



8x6,      $50                       $10 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

11x8,     $70                       $20 + hard cover $6 upgrade 

14x11.   $95                       $30 + hard cover $6 upgrade       


Prices on special covers or paper changes depending on the size, please ask if interested.



  For inquiries or questions please contact me at
Shannon Ann Photography


[email protected]